About Us

Mends and Trends Services LLC – a corporation composed of professional skill staff who have been in the recruitment business for more than 10 years. We offer a range of highly experienced, qualified and motivated human resources and services, maintained by professional and trained staff to build a long-term bond of trust with our clients. For over 10 years, the corporation catered almost all categories of highly qualified manpower to various establishments, especially in Gulf Region.

Mends and Trends Services LLC also maintains representative in the United Arab Emirate, servicing employers when there arise demands for manpower.

Manpower in the main thrust of our business. Our workers are and will always remain as our major asset, a vital force that realizes our vision. For this reason, we tied up with select technical training and testing centers that evaluate every individual to help him realize his fullest potential.

We hold it a task that our management be fully aware of the rigors as well as the benefits of change. Our attitude is one that looks to the future not as business as usual. A vision of continuity in an environment where opportunities and challenger meet, call for effective management skills, operational efficiencies and manpower strategies that go with the globe.